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30+ AI Tutorials + Presentations

Dive deep into the world of AI with over 25 renowned speakers sharing their insights, strategies, and best practices. These expert-led workshops will give you hands-on experience, guiding you step-by-step to implement AI-driven solutions in your course and coaching business.


Fave AI Tools Unveiled

We're sharing our favourite AI tools. Discover how to effectively leverage these to supercharge your content creation process, streamline social media engagement, publish compelling long-form content effortlessly, create digital products with AI assistance, and automate business systems for better efficiency.


Lifetime Access

Enjoy unlimited viewing of all presentations, tutorials, and workshops at your own pace, now and in the future. Share with your team to have them implement these time-saving strategies.


Bonus Resources

Access exclusive resources, templates, and bonus materials to reinforce your AI mastery and maximize your return on investment.


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Access the content whenever and wherever you want, fitting your learning journey seamlessly into your busy schedule.

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Check out the stack of presentations you'll get...

Learn the foundations of AI for marketers, take a tour of ChatGPT, and learn prompt engineering for optimal results.

  • AI 101: Your Course Creator's Guide to Embracing Artificial Intelligence, with Gemma Bonham-Carter
  • ChatGPT Unboxed: Your Guide to Account Setup and Welcome Tour, with Gemma Bonham-Carter
  • Prompt Perfect: The Art of Mastering ChatGPT with Strategic Prompt Engineering, with Gemma Bonham-Carter
  • Crafting Prompts that Pop: The Secret to Stellar AI Results, with Jillian Kendrick 
  • The Legal Side of AI: Essential Tips for Course Creators, with Jaime Bell 
  • Create a Language Library: The Secret Sauce to Humanize Your AI-Generated Content, with Jess Brooks

Learn how to create social media content, blogs, podcasts, YouTube and more... fast, fresh, and easier than ever.

  • Reel Quick: Supercharging Instagram Reels Creation with AI, with Laura Bitoiu
  • Unlocking the Magic of AI & Social Media, with Andrea Jones
  • Multiplying Magic - Turning Live Video Scripts into Content Gold with AI, with Brenna McGowan
  • The YouTube Remix - AI for Ideation, Scripting, and Publishing, with Shana Yurko 
  • Win at Social Media: Perfect Your Caption Writing with ChatGPT, with Angela Doydon 
  • AI Creator Class: How to Produce Revenue Generating Content 10x Faster Using CREATORIZE AI, with Gwen Lane 
  • Pin Like a Pro with AI - A New Era in Pinterest Marketing, with Meagan Williamson 
  • My ChatGPT Recipe for Effortless SEO Content, with Kristin Lawton
  • Podcast Power-Up: Scripting and Outlining with ChatGPT, with Brandee Gaar
  • Content Marketing Magic: Save time + Create Better Long-Form Content with AI, with Lauren Tilden

Get ready for a conversion spike with these tips on how to use AI for sales copy, email marketing, and more.

  • AI-Powered Persuasion: Crafting Compelling Offer Descriptions, with Apryl Beverly
  • The Copywriter's Toolkit: Amp Up Your Sales Page with AI, with Megan Taylor
  • AI Secrets for Killer Facebook and Instagram Ads, with Melissa Litchfield
  • Writing High-Converting Sales Emails with AI: Write, edit, optimize, and evaluate your way to higher click-through rates and conversions, with Cheryl Rerick
  • SEO Unlocked: Using ChatGPT for Superior Keyword Research, with Sarah Buchanan-Smith
  • The AI Author: Crafting an eBook at Lightning Speed, with Tisha Klemetz
  • Crafting High Converting Lead Magnets with ChatGPT - for Clinicians and Course Creators, with Krista Frahm
  • How We Created and ran a $100k Online Summit in Record Time with ChatGPT, with Gemma Bonham-Carter
  • Skyrocket Your Course Sales: Unlock the Power of Quizzes with AI Breakthrough Technology, with Linda Sidhu

Upgrade and innovate your products and services with AI... and gain a huge competitive advantage in your industry.

  • Creating a Customized Course Journey with On-Demand Support: Using AI Powered Micro-Apps, with Jordan Gill
  • Using AI to Speed Up Your Market Research + Attract Clients that BUY!, with Hera Zee 
  • Accelerate Student Success by Embedding ChatGPT Prompts into Your Courses, with Chelsea Wallace
  • ChatGPT Wizardry: Transforming Video Transcripts into Epic Course Descriptions, with Catalina Bloch
  • Design Smarter, Not Harder: Navigating Canva's AI Features for Stunning Visuals, with Roger Coles
  • Transforming Client Connections: How to use ChatGPT to Elevate Discovery Calls, with Emily Reagan
  • Code Like a Pro: How to Use ChatGPT to Improve Your Website, with Katie Harrington
  • Streamline Web Page Creation: Unlocking the Power of Content Modelling and ChatGPT, with Susan Reoch
  • Using ChatGPT to mine the testimonials on your sales page for content ideas that speak DIRECTLY to your audience’s needs and desires (without spending hours researching!), with Jess Brooks
  • Visual Brainstorming and Project Ideation: Unleashing Creativity with Canva Mind Maps, Magic Write, and ChatGPT, with Traci Bautista

The Speakers You'll Be Learning From:

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Jaime Bell (@contractsmarket)

Discover the legal landscape of AI with Jaime Bell, a renowned business lawyer and founder of Contracts Market. Gain valuable insights on utilizing AI in course creation while ensuring legal compliance. Learn about risks, legal considerations, and best practices to confidently leverage AI technology in your business.

Jillian Kendrick

Join Jillian Kendrick, for an enlightening session on maximizing the potential of AI by crafting prompts effectively. Discover the specific techniques and strategies to write prompts that yield the best possible results, tailored to your unique needs. Leave behind generic fluff and dive into the realm of purposeful prompts that extract meaningful insights.

Brenna McGowan (@brennamcgowanco)

Join Launch Strategist Brenna McGowan as she unveils the secrets to repurposing live video scripts into a multitude of engaging content pieces. Learn how to extract the full potential from your live videos by repurposing them into various formats and platforms. Brenna will guide you through proven techniques and strategies to transform a single script into a treasure trove of valuable content.

Roger Coles (@mysocialdesigner)

Join Roger as he takes you on an exciting journey through Canva's AI features, unlocking the secrets to creating stunning visuals effortlessly. Discover how AI can be your best ally in the design process, streamlining your workflow and enhancing your creative output. Learn insider tips, expert techniques, and practical strategies to harness the power of Canva's AI tools for breathtaking designs that capture attention and inspire. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned designer, this class will empower you to unleash your creativity and design like a pro.

Shana Yurko (@shanayurko)

Discover the transformative potential of AI for YouTube content creation and optimization in this presentation by Shana Yurko. Join her as she shares powerful insights and strategies on leveraging AI tools to enhance your YouTube content creation process. Learn how AI can optimize video editing, improve audience engagement, and maximize the visibility and success of your YouTube channel, empowering you to create and optimize content that captivates viewers and drives meaningful results.

Angela Doyon (@angela.s.doyon)

Dive into the captivating world of caption creation with Angela Swann-Doyon, the mastermind Creative Marketing Strategist & Podcast Host, as she unleashes the magic of ChatGPT, transforming your mundane captions into captivating works of art that will leave your audience begging for more!

Gwen Lane (@heygwenlane)

Join Gwen Lane in her AI Creator Class as she reveals the secrets to generating revenue-generating content 10 times faster with CREATORIZE AI. Learn invaluable techniques to leverage AI for content creation that drives revenue, optimizing your process and revolutionizing your content production for increased monetization and success.

Meagan Williamson (@meaganawilliamson)

Discover the power of AI for Pinterest content creation and optimization in this presentation by Meagan Williamson. Gain valuable insights on leveraging AI tools to create and optimize engaging Pinterest content, maximizing your reach, and driving significant results for your brand or business.

Kristin Lawton (@districtbrandbar)

Join Kristin Lawton as she explores the art of writing SEO-rich blog articles and repurposing them for maximum impact. Learn essential strategies to optimize your articles for search engines and drive organic traffic, while also discovering techniques to repurpose your content into different formats, expanding your reach and maximizing the value of your efforts. Unleash the power of SEO and content repurposing to enhance your online presence and grow your audience effectively.

Brandee Gaar (@brandeegaar)

Join Brandee Garr as she reveals the secrets to scripting and outlining your podcast episodes using ChatGPT. In this enlightening session, Brandee will guide you through practical techniques for leveraging the power of ChatGPT to craft compelling scripts and well-structured outlines. Discover how to harness the capabilities of AI to enhance your podcasting workflow and create engaging content that resonates with your audience.

Lauren Tilden (@laurentilden)

Join Marketing Coach Lauren Tilden as she shares her expertise on coming up with captivating content ideas using ChatGPT. In this insightful session, Lauren will guide you through innovative methods to leverage the power of ChatGPT for idea generation. Discover how to tap into the vast potential of AI to fuel your content creation engine and stay ahead in the competitive marketing landscape.

Apryl Beverly (@baabwriting)

Discover the power of using AI to create compelling offer descriptions that attract coaching clients in this presentation by Apryl Beverly. Gain insights on identifying customer pain points, leveraging AI to customize descriptions, and triggering buyer emotions for effective action.

Megan Taylor (

Join Megan Taylor as she shares valuable insights on leveraging ChatGPT for conversion-focused copy, guiding participants on crucial clarity-building steps to enhance their efficiency with AI tools, ensuring high-quality output without excessive editing.

Cheryl Rerick (@cherylrerickmarketing)

Join Cheryl Rerick in this informative session on leveraging AI to write high-converting sales emails. Learn the step-by-step process of writing, editing, optimizing, and evaluating your emails using AI technology, enabling you to achieve higher click-through rates and conversions in your email marketing campaigns.

Hera Zee (@herazee)

Discover how to accelerate your market research and attract your ideal clients using AI techniques in this presentation by Hera Zee. Join her as she shares practical strategies and insights on leveraging AI to optimize your marketing efforts and achieve faster, more targeted results.

Jordan Gill (@systemssavedme)

Join Jordan Gill from Systems Saved Me as she presents on the topic of creating micro-apps to enhance your course experience. Discover how to leverage micro-applications to optimize and elevate the learning journey for your course participants, resulting in improved engagement, interactivity, and overall course satisfaction. Unleash the potential of micro-apps to revolutionize your course delivery and provide a seamless and impactful learning experience.

Melissa Litchfield (@litchfieldmedia)

Discover the game-changing potential of using AI to create ad copy in this presentation by Melissa Litchfield. Join her as she shares insights on leveraging AI technology to craft highly effective and engaging ad copy that captures attention, drives conversions, and maximizes the impact of your advertising campaigns. Uncover the secrets to leveraging AI to optimize your ad copy creation process and unlock the full potential of your advertising efforts.

Tisha (@tisha.saludintegrativa)

Uncover the game-changing potential of AI as Tisha Klemetz reveals how to utilize this technology to create a paid eBook in a remarkably short span of five days. Join her presentation to learn the strategic steps, tools, and techniques that can streamline the eBook creation process and empower you to produce compelling content efficiently and effectively.

Catalina Bloch (@catalinabloch)

Discover ChatGPT's wizardry in transforming video transcripts into epic course descriptions in Catalina Bloch's presentation. Learn how to leverage AI to craft captivating narratives that entice potential learners and elevate the marketability of your courses.

Sarah Buchanan-Smith (@sarahbuchanansmith)

Join Sarah Buchanan-Smith as she shares her expertise on leveraging ChatGPT for keyword research in this insightful presentation. Learn practical strategies and techniques to effectively utilize ChatGPT's capabilities to conduct comprehensive keyword research, empowering you to optimize your content, improve search engine rankings, and drive targeted organic traffic to your website or platform.

Traci Bautista (@treicdesigns)

Join Traci Bautista in this engaging presentation as she delves into the world of visual brainstorming and project ideation. Discover how to unleash your creativity using Canva Mind Maps, Magic Write, and ChatGPT. Through a fun and interactive tutorial, learn how to leverage these tools to create captivating visual mind maps that outline and plan your creative projects or programs, taking your ideation process to new heights of inspiration and organization.

Jess Brooks (@brooks_cooks)

Join Jess Brooks in this thought-provoking presentation as she explores the power of a sensory diary in infusing your AI-generated content with a much-needed "human touch." Discover how keeping a sensory diary can help you add depth, emotion, and relatability to your AI-generated content, all while saving time. Learn practical techniques and insights on leveraging sensory experiences to enhance your content creation process and create impactful, engaging, and authentic content that resonates with your audience.

Laura Bitoiu (

Discover the untapped potential of AI for Instagram reels in this presentation by Laura Bitoiu. Join her as she shares insightful strategies on harnessing the power of AI to create captivating and engaging Instagram reels. Learn how AI tools can help you streamline the content creation process, optimize video editing, and enhance the overall quality and impact of your reels, empowering you to stand out and thrive in the competitive world of social media marketing.

Krista Frahm (@kristafrahmagency)

Join Krista Frahm in this illuminating presentation as she demonstrates the power of using ChatGPT to create high-converting opt-ins. Discover how to leverage ChatGPT's capabilities to craft compelling and persuasive opt-in content that effectively captures leads and drives conversions. Uncover the secrets to optimizing your opt-in strategy using AI, empowering you to generate valuable leads and grow your audience with remarkable effectiveness.

Linda Sidhu (@linda_sidhu_quizzes)

Unlock the power of quizzes with AI breakthrough technology in Linda Sidhu's presentation on skyrocketing your course sales. Learn how to leverage AI tools to create interactive and engaging quizzes that drive course sales and enhance the learning experience for your students. Discover the transformative potential of AI in revolutionizing your course marketing strategy and boosting your sales with the captivating and effective use of quizzes.

Chelsea Wallace (@thelaunchcopycoach)

Join Chelsea Wallace in this informative presentation tailored for course creators who want to integrate ChatGPT prompts into their courses. Discover the key to ensuring high-quality results by mastering the art of crafting specific and appropriate prompts that yield the most usable outputs. Chelsea will share a super simple and free tool that she uses to refine prompts, maximizing the effectiveness of ChatGPT and providing course creators with the best possible results. Don't miss this tutorial that will empower you to optimize your prompts and enhance the learning experience for your students.

Katie Harrington (

Join Katie Harrington's presentation on using ChatGPT to write website code. Learn how to leverage AI to streamline your development process and create code more efficiently. Discover the power of AI-driven website development for enhanced productivity and creativity.

Emily Reagan (@emilyreaganpr)

Discover the transformative potential of using AI with your discovery calls in Emily Reagan's presentation. Learn how to leverage AI technology to optimize and enhance your discovery call process, enabling you to gather valuable insights, automate tasks, and personalize interactions with potential clients. Uncover the secrets to leveraging AI to supercharge your discovery calls and achieve better outcomes in your client acquisition journey.

Susan Reoch (@susanreoch_copywriter)

Join Susan Reoch in this dynamic presentation as she explores the powerful combination of content modeling and ChatGPT to simplify the planning and writing of web pages, including landing pages and sales pages. Discover how a UX strategy like content modeling can revolutionize your web page creation process, and learn how to leverage ChatGPT to streamline and enhance your content planning and writing. Unlock the secrets to making web page creation a seamless and efficient experience, driving better engagement and conversions for your online presence.

Andréa Jones (@onlinedrea)

Join Social Media Strategist Andréa Jones as she unveils the enchanting possibilities of combining AI and social media. In this captivating session, Andréa will guide you through the realm of AI-powered tools and techniques that can amplify your social media strategies. Discover how AI can help you optimize content creation, automate tasks, enhance audience engagement, and drive meaningful results across various social media platforms. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from Andréa Jones and unlock the magic of AI, empowering you to level up your social media game like never before.

Learn practical strategies and how-to tutorials from industry experts to implement AI-powered solutions.

This summit has been created by course creators for course creators. You will discover the innovative ways we are using AI to increase productivity, save time, and boost our revenue.

Amazing. I'm in!

Your host, Gemma Bonham-Carter.

Meet Gemma, the unstoppable business strategist and undeniable queen of the digital entrepreneurship scene. Kicking off her coaching career in 2017, Gemma has been the secret weapon behind thousands of entrepreneurs as they navigate the world of online courses. Email marketing maven? Check. Funnel building fanatic? Check.

In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, Gemma is like that friend who always knows the next big thing before it hits the mainstream. Since December 2022, she's been experimenting with AI tools like ChatGPT and transforming them into her own digital magic tricks, making her business smarter and faster than a caffeinated squirrel on a hoverboard.

Join Gemma at the AI Unlocked Summit and get ready to have your socks knocked off. Her firsthand experience and knack for making complex concepts simple is not to be missed. Discover how to turn AI into your business's secret weapon!

AI Unlocked Gives Back.

A portion of the all-access pass sales will be donated to the Atkins Education Centre (a charity that one of Gemma's clients is connected with).  

Founded in 2017 in Uganda by locals, the Centre provides free education, food, healthcare, and clothing for orphaned children with HIV.

The Atkins Education Centre is currently an Early Years provider, however they would like to expand the school to include free education for Primary children as well.

They are also currently fundraising for several specific improvements:

  • 3 bigger classrooms with windows
  • Improved kitchen facilities
  • Outdoor play equipment
  • A library, staff room, office, and storage room

To date, we have raised $10,000 CAD for the Centre.

For more: @atkinseducationcentre

The future of course creation and coaching is here. Gain your competitive advantage with AI Unlocked.