AI Unlocked 2024: The Summit

Discover how AI can transform the way you create content, market your offers, and grow your business faster than ever.


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AI will transform your business in the best way, if you know how to use it properly.

Join 57 Experts for 5 days of proven strategies and hands-on tutorials to operate and grow your online business more effectively than ever by leveraging AI. The world of AI moves fast - learn what's working today at AI Unlocked.

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Event Schedule:

DAY 1 | JULY 22

Unlock AI for Personal Brand Entrepreneurs

Lay a rock-solid AI foundation...

  • Prompt Engineering 101
  • Create Your Brand Profile with AI
  • Use AI to Tell Better Stories
  • Become a Thought Leader with AI
  • The Legal Side of AI
  • Mine Your Coaching Calls for Content
  • Produce Podcast Episodes Solo... fast
  • Adapt to the future of SEO
  • AI Powered Productivity Hacks

DAY 2 | JULY 23

Content Creation + Social Media Growth

Forget social media overwhelm by mastering AI...

  • How to plan a year’s worth of posts
  • Craft scroll-stopping hooks
  • Skyrocket your Instagram growth
  • Repurpose videos and streamline YouTube editing
  • Automate your LinkedIn Content
  • Enhance Pinterest marketing
  • Blog Better with AI

DAY 3 | JULY 24

Improve Your Products + Services

Level up how you create products, services, and tools in your offer suite with AI.

  • Repurpose course materials into low ticket digital products using AI
  • Create custom GPTs for students
  • Turn your ideas and expertise into AI apps
  • Use AI to create printables, workbooks, and notion boards
  • Personalize your client experience with AI

DAY 4 | JULY 25

Better Marketing + More Profit

The marketing glow-up you're looking for. Learn how to use AI to...

  • Attract your dream students with AI
  • Create engaging challenges
  • Build viral quizzes
  • Generate more leads
  • Do email marketing
  • Create stunning presentations
  • Run paid ads
  • Analyze business data
  • Create an affiliate program

DAY 5 | JULY 26

Streamline Your Business Operations

Dive into how AI can revolutionize your business operations...

  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Enhance customer support
  • Keep your calendar organized
  • Strategies for neurodiverse support
  • Time-saving techniques with Notion AI

We’ll also dive into some “outside of the AI box” topics like spiritual philosophies and human connection in the world of AI.


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What You'll Walk Away With:


Work Smarter

Implement AI tools to automate routine tasks, giving you more time to focus on strategic, high-value activities that drive your business forward.


Better Content to Share

Use AI to create more engaging, high-quality content effortlessly, ensuring your audience stays captivated and your brand remains consistent.


Hot Marketing Strategy

Leverage AI-driven insights and tools to craft better marketing campaigns, leading to more sign ups, higher engagement, and yes, more sales!


A Product Suite Glow Up

Develop new digital products, services, and even apps using AI, opening up fresh revenue streams and delivering greater value to your customers.


Your New "Team" Of AI Assistants

Streamline your operations from customer support, a virtual assistant, data analyst, and more AI-powered "team members", resulting in a more efficient and profitable business (for zero dollars!).

Day 1: Unlocking AI for the Modern Thought Leader Entrepreneur

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Patrice Poltzer, Storytelling & Personal Brand Strategist

How to use AI to Tell Better Stories and Emotionally Connect In Your Marketing

Unlock the secrets of powerful storytelling with AI! This workshop will teach you how to identify the most impactful stories that resonate with your audience's deepest wants and needs. Discover how AI can provide insights into your audience's desires and motivations, ensuring your stories hit the mark every time. Learn to tailor your storytelling to maximize engagement and forge meaningful connections with your audience.

Kristin Lawton, Marketing Mixologist at the District Brand Bar

Discover Your Brand Voice with ChatGPT: Crafting Your Personal ‘Dating Profile’ to Make Your Brand Uniquely You

Ever thought of creating a ‘dating profile’ for your business? Dive into this fun workshop where you’ll learn about yourself, craft a profile that captures your essence, and use ChatGPT to ensure your brand’s voice is as unique and authentic as you are!

Jaime Bell, Business Lawyer & Founder of the Contracts Market

AI For Course Creators: The Legal Edit

Stay ahead of the curve with this essential workshop on the legalities of using AI in your business. In this workshop, Jaime will discuss how to best ensure you actually own the copyright in the work you create using AI tools, and discuss other hot topics, like disclosing your use of AI to create your course, and how to legally protect your work online.

Simone Little, Lifestyle Designer

AI-Powered Productivity: Enhancing Your Personal and Professional Life

Transform your daily routines with the power of AI. Discover practical AI applications that streamline tasks, boost efficiency, and help you achieve a harmonious work-life balance. Learn how to manage your time effectively and maintain focus on your priorities, ensuring enhanced productivity and a balanced lifestyle. Unlock the secrets to optimizing your day-to-day activities with AI and reclaim control over your time.

Kim Rittberg, Video Coach & Founder of Video Boot Camp

How to Become a Thought Leader Through Your Video Content with AI's Help

Want to speak on stages? Get more press? How can AI help you do more of that? We're not just talking 'production' but rather ideas, execution, and strategy, plus how you can go from anonymous to thought leader! I used video and AI to go from accomplished professional to features in Forbes and speaking on stages - and so can you!

Sandra Booker, Fractional COO and Business Growth Strategist

Mining Your Gold Using AI: Leveraging Existing Recordings to Create New Content

In this class, explains how to use AI to generate new content from existing recordings. She highlights the key considerations when using AI, the easiest methods to repurpose existing content, a unique type of content you might have overlooked, accessible opportunities for immediate content creation, and a controversial approach she’s experimenting with.

Yael Bendahan, Business Mentor for CEO Moms

How to Use AI to Produce Your Podcast SOLO in Only 60 Minutes a Week

Create a professional podcast weekly in just one hour, even if you're not tech-savvy. I'll walk you through my podcast workflow that enables me to get my podcast out the door each week in 60 minutes max - without the help of team members and with 6 kids :) Discover how AI tools like Descript and Claude can save you hours on production, learn simple strategies to increase your podcast's reach, and repurpose your old videos and livestreams into captivating episodes. Access my step-by-step workflow, complete with templates and AI prompts, to produce polished episodes efficiently and effectively.

Nina Gibson, SEO Expert & Founder of Nina Gibson Co.

Adapt and Thrive: Stay Ahead of the Curve with AI-Driven SEO Innovations

Explore the future landscape of SEO shaped by AI advancements. This session covers how AI is transforming search algorithms and user behaviors, and what that means for content creators and digital marketers. From voice search optimization to AI-generated content strategies, learn how to anticipate changes and adapt your SEO tactics. This presentation is ideal for anyone looking to future-proof their digital strategy, offering insights into leveraging AI for sustainable growth in a rapidly evolving digital environment.

Sofi Madison, Coach & Founder of Women Entrepreneur Collective

Stand Out: Bring Your Unique Character to Life with AI Mastery

Transform your course process with Sofi's Off The Grid Method, which combines inner clarity with AI mastery. By focusing on core values, personal motivators, and your personal lifestyle, this method ensures you leverage AI in ways that enhance authenticity and efficiency. Three key takeaways include: understanding your core values to guide AI integration, using AI to amplify your unique voice, and automating routine tasks to focus on what truly lights you up. This approach harmonizes self-awareness with technological advancement to elevate your business growth.

Day 2: Mastering AI for Content and Social Media Growth

Heather Ritchie, Certified Content Marketing Strategist

Leveraging AI for Efficient Content Planning: Generate a Year’s Worth of Content Ideas in Just Two Days

Learn how to generate an entire year’s worth of content ideas in just two days using AI tools. Set clear goals with the PACCMAN framework, and learn easy techniques to create and organize content ideas. Discover how to integrate and automate AI tools to keep your content calendar full and your audience engaged. Stay organized, reduce stress, and make content creation a breeze!

Laura Burden-Bitoiu, Instagram Reels Expert

Create scroll-stopping hooks for Instagram using AI

Craft captivating hooks for your Instagram Reels that stop the scroll and grab attention using AI. In this workshop, I'll walk you through how to get inside your ideal customers mind with AI and then turn that into hooks and content for reels that speak to them directly. Gain access to my favourite AI tools and strategies that save time and make your Instagram content truly stand out.

Juan Galán, CEO & Founder of IG Creator Academy

How I Built a Brand New Account from 0 to 10k Followers in 8 Weeks .... using AI

Using this 0 to 10K case study, you'll learn how to use AI to optimize your Instagram profile, identify trending keywords, craft a compelling bio, and perfect your username. Develop a magnetic content strategy, create detailed customer avatars, and build resonant content pillars. Discover how to create viral content with AI tools that generate high-performing ideas, hooks, and captions. Finally, use AI to analyze your best-performing content, create new viral variations, and sustain your momentum for long-term growth.

Natasha Pierre, Video Marketing Coach

AI Workflow To Easily Create & Repurpose Long-Form Video Content

The YouTube x Video Podcast system to help you double your content and conversion in half the time with AI. You don't need to hire a team or spend hours editing content to leverage YouTube or Video Podcasts to sell your course. I'll walk you through the tools and workflow you need to easily record, edit, and repurpose your long-form content to 2 or more platforms without filming twice.

Mariah Liszewski, SEO Consultant & Educator

How to Speed up Your YouTube Workflow with AI

Let's make YouTube easier! In this workshop, you'll learn how to use AI to brainstorm engaging video topics, craft good titles, create scripts based on your target keywords, write your video descriptions, and create timestamps. Transform your video creation process and watch your channel thrive with these AI-driven strategies.

Katie Tremulis, AI Expert

Transforming Video Content with AI Editing: An Opus Clips Walkthrough

In this workshop, you'll learn how to efficiently convert long-form content into multiple engaging short clips using Opus Clips. Discover how to save time and effort while enhancing your social media strategy with attention-grabbing clips for platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Explore Opus Clips' user-friendly features, including presets, automatic captioning, AI-generated B-roll, and a built-in content scheduler, to manage and distribute your content effectively. Get ready to unlock a new level of creativity and efficiency in your video production process.

Kristina Rowland, Strategically Lazy Entrepreneur

Automate Your LinkedIn: How to Post Once/Day Using AI

Automate your LinkedIn posts A high level tutorial on how to create and automate 1 LinkedIn post a day. Includes step by step instructions with strong prompts that produce a post that reflects your unique voice and style. Let automation handle this routine task so you can focus on what matters most!

Heather Farris, Pinterest Marketing Strategist

Better, Faster Pinterest Marketing Using AI-Driven Chatbots

Discover how integrating chatbots into your Pinterest strategy can supercharge user interaction and streamline your marketing efforts. Learn the basics of chatbot technology and see a live demo of my very own chatbot, The Pin Bot. This powerful tool helps you find keywords, create pins from existing content, generate fresh ideas, and more. Hear real-world success stories and understand how chatbots can transform your Pinterest presence, saving you time and creating a more dynamic, engaging experience for your audience.

Lisa Siefert, Graphic Designer

Selfie of the Future: Become Your Own Masterpiece and Insert Yourself into AI Art

It's you but with perfect skin, gorgeous flowing locks and that designer outfit you can't afford. Forget camera filters - AI Art is the selfie of the future. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to get started with inserting your own image into AI art using the best drag and drop tool to insert yourself into any photo. We'll also explore more advanced tools to create an entire AI Selfie photoshoot.

Michelle Pontvert, Digital Marketing Expert

Blog Better with AI: Accelerate Your Content and Boost Your Rankings

Transform your blogging game with a super effective AI-infused process that speeds up content creation. Learn how to rank your website without needing to be an SEO expert, and get an exclusive look at my streamlined blog creation process. Unlock the secrets to faster, smarter blogging and watch your content soar to new heights!

Anna Clark, Squarespace Designer & Content Creator

The Ultimate ChatGPT Blog Post Repurposing Workflow: Turn 1 Blog Post into 10 Engaging, Quality Pieces of Content

Repurposing isn't about copying & pasting the same info to every platform - your audience will be bored AF. It's about taking that content and changing it to be as engaging and tailored to each platform as possible! (And of course, making that process easy & streamlined so it doesn't eat in to our time working with clients, hanging out with loved ones, and doing what we love). I'm going to show you how to master a repurposing workflow using ChatGPT, that actually gives you quality results!

Tara Reid, Business Marketing Coach

Stacking AI Tools for Rapid Content Repurposing

In this workshop, you'll explore top AI tools that can be used for any type of content creation, discovering the immense benefits of stacking multiple tools for efficient repurposing. Learn my three-part strategy with step-by-step instructions to transform your content game. Say goodbye to time-consuming processes and hello to a streamlined, effective approach to keeping your content fresh and engaging across all platforms.

Day 3: Elevating Digital Product Creation with AI Innovations

Monica Froese, Digital Product Coach

Use the Power of AI to Strategically Repurpose Your Course Content Into Profitable Low Ticket Digital Products

Calling all course (and content) creators! You are sitting on a goldmine of content inside of your courses that should be making you money on it's own. Content that can be repurposed into profitable low ticket digital products and sold at scale. Using the power of AI you will learn how to take the content inside of your course and live elements you have delivered such as Q&As and coffee chats and turn them into high-value, low-ticket digital products that add a whole new revenue stream to your business. The opportunities are endless! Walk away with a list of at least 5 new digital products you can sell to your audience, without creating new content.

Victoria Boyd, Marketing Strategist

Accelerate Student Results with a Custom GPT for your Course

This next level workshop will show you how to identify opportunities in your digital product to loop in AI for your students. Then we'll create your custom GPT from start to finish! You'll learn how to share the Chatbot with your students securely and how to protect your IP. Stand out in the education market by integrating advanced AI technology into your curriculum.

Maritza Tobon, AI Advisor & Tech Founder

Turn Your IP into an AI App or SaaS

In this session, you'll learn the step-by-step process of converting your unique IP into a market-ready AI app. Discover the tools and strategies to streamline development, integrate AI capabilities, and launch a successful SaaS product. Perfect for innovators and entrepreneurs looking to leverage their IP for scalable business growth. Get ready to turn your ideas into impactful AI-driven solutions!

Nicky Williams, Client Attraction & Messaging Specialist

Create a Winning Course Series: How to Use AI Prompts to Build Courses That Keep Students Coming Back

In this over-the-shoulder training, you'll learn how to use specific AI prompts to design a series of courses that work together seamlessly. This session will show you how to create a product roadmap that keeps your students engaged and eager for more. By the end of this training, you’ll have the tools to quickly develop a course roadmap that meets your audience’s needs along their journey, increases repeat customers and turns students into raving fans.

Hera Zee, Sales & Messaging AI Expert

Audience Alignment with AI: From Guesswork to Gold

Learn how AI can transform your online courses from good to great with a proven AI prompt framework that helps you uncover exactly what to put inside your courses so they not only sell out, but truly address the needs and desired outcomes of your audience and gets them results they're looking for!

Kate Hayes, Online Business Educator

Create EASY printable digital products using AI

Learn how to use AI tools to create printables that you can use as support resources for your students or even to sell separately as a low-ticket offer. This workshop will offer a step by step tutorial on how to create PDFs, guides, checklists, printable art, and more using ChatGPT + Canva, bringing your ideas to life in seconds.

Elizabeth Stapleton, Founder of the Blogger Breakthrough Summit

How to Use AI to Create Actionable Workbooks to Uplevel Your Products and Offers

Learn how to use AI-powered tools to create actionable workbooks that provide valuable information and calls to action for your students. Speed up your workbook creation and delight your customers by using AI to help you!

Kristin Rappaport, Founder of the Brand Boss Design Club

Canva + AI, Unleashed: Supercharge Your Design Workflow

Unlock the full potential of Canva by integrating AI tools into your graphic design process. This tutorial will show you how to combine Canva's intuitive design platform with powerful AI features to create stunning visuals quickly and efficiently. Don't miss the tip on speeding up graphic generation with Canva's Bulk Create app!

Kinsey Soderberg, Founder of Authentic AI

AI-Powered Video Editing Workflow for Course Creators [A Descript Tutorial]

From webinars to course lessons, video content is the most important and most time-consuming part of course creation. With one of our favourite AI tools, Descript, you'll learn you how to make your video editing workflow quick, easy and more effective! Create, edit and share your course-related videos more quickly and easily – using Descript and “auto-magic” methods!

Rizza Mae Marvel, Brand & Web Designer

Craft Compelling Website Copy Using ChatGPT

Let AI help you write engaging and persuasive website content that converts visitors into customers. In this workshop, you'll determine essential sections, find your keywords, create headlines and subheads, write supporting paragraphs and CTAs. All based on customer psychology to enhance user experience!

Amanda Corcoran, Surface Pattern Designer & Educator

Revolutionize Your Workflow: Build a Custom AI-Powered Notion Hub for Any Audience

Discover how to transform your chaotic workflow into a streamlined powerhouse with our AI-Powered Notion Hub workshop! Mandy Corcoran will teach you how to create personalized templates, integrate powerful AI tools, and unlock the full potential of Notion to boost your productivity and organization. Whether your target audience is nutritionists, realtors, or any other group, this session will help you create a hub that meets their specific needs.

Natasha Sass, Founder of the Indie Writer's Workshop

How to Use AI as Your Junior Writer - Mastering Long Form Lead Magnets and Nonfiction Books

Curious about how AI can revolutionize your nonfiction writing? We'll cover the essential steps, from developing a marketable idea to using AI as your junior writer. Lean how to use prompt tiers to systematically build your book, exploring leading AI tools for editing and organizing, and ultimately publish your nonfiction book.

Christiane Schroeter, Professor, Business & Wellness Coach

Tailor-Made Education: Using AI to Personalize Student Learning Experiences

Personalization is the key to increased student engagement and improved learning outcomes. This tutorial will walk you through the process of using AI to analyze student data and create personalized learning experiences. Learn how to implement AI-driven assessments, adaptive learning paths, and customized feedback systems that cater to individual student needs. With these strategies, you'll be able to enhance your course offerings and provide a superior educational experience.

Day 4: AI Enhanced Marketing and Profit Strategies

Lauren Shaw + Lauren Capwell, AI Business Strategists

Decode Your Dream Student: The Power of AI for Laser-Targeted Marketing

Ditch the Guesswork and Attract Your Perfect Students with Personalized AI Are you struggling to connect with your ideal students? In this session, we'll unveil how cutting-edge AI can reveal your perfect student's deepest desires, pain points, and motivations. You'll learn how to craft messaging that speaks directly to their hearts, create offers they can't resist, and build a thriving course business that attracts and converts your dream students.

Alissa McDonald, Programs & Marketing Strategist

Create a Challenge Your Audience Loves... in Under an Hour!

In this workshop, you'll learn how to create a compelling challenge that will help re-engage your community or email list. You'll use AI as your new Teaching Assistant to create learning pathways, moving people through your challenge in a more personalized way.

Kathryn Morrison, Founder of Kathryn Morrison Coaching

Using AI to Create Viral Quizzes: Your Pathway to more Connection and Engagement with Potential Clients

People loveeeee a good quiz. And creating dynamic quizzes is win-win, allowing you to demonstrate how deeply you know your people and can help them, and providing them with highly relevant, immediately actionable wins through their results (that brings them closer to the sale!). But up until AI, quizzes were hard, with a million different moving pieces. Come learn how to let the robots do the heavy lifting, while your business gets to reap all the juicy rewards. Access the exact prompts used to create a quiz and results page in under an hour... leading to a $150,000 launch with a small audience! And learn how to integrate a Manychat flow to automate and streamline audience interaction.

Anjali Pradhan, Wealth Building Coach

Wealth Creation Guide: Level Up Your Life using ChatGPT

Join me for a quick and powerful tutorial designed for course creators who want to elevate their life's goals and build lasting wealth. Discover how to use ChatGPT to craft a compelling vision that will guide you to attract abundance effortlessly. Learn to align your aspirations with actionable wealth-building strategies. Let’s uncover those big juicy life goals that will have you giddier than being 8th row at a Beyoncé concert.

Kelli Wise, Bookkeeper & Profit Strategist

AI Profit Precision: Turn Your Launch, Funnel, and Financial Data Into Insights That Power More Profit

Leverage the power of AI to transform your launch, funnel, and financial data into increased profits. In this workshop, you’ll discover how to use ChatGPT to more easily and effectively analyze your live launches, evergreen funnels, and financial data, and how to compare your data to niche-specific benchmarks so you can identify simple tweaks to improve sales conversions.

Kelly Morrison, Founder of Create Your Affiliate Program

AI + Your Affiliate Program = A Dream Partnership

In this presentation, I’ll share three ways you can use AI to find new affiliate partners, create affiliate program promo materials, and support your affiliate partners so that they are encouraged to promote for you every single week.

Nici Sweaney, Founder of AI Her Way

Leveraging AI for Leads: How to make $5k+ per month in just one hour using AI

Discover a step-by-step guide on leveraging AI to automate your lead generation process. Learn how to use AI tools to find high-quality leads, qualify them, and initiate meaningful relationships. This session will break down the exact model I use to bring in at least $5,000 a month in additional income with just one hour of work per month. Explore "Sales Samantha", a customGPT designed to enhance outreach and improve deal closure rates, and walk away with a clear workflow and actionable steps to implement immediately.

Tiffany Garside, Founder of an Email Marketing Firm

Leveraging AI to Strategize Monthly Emails in 1/4th of The Time

Master Email Copywriting in the age of AI and slice down your writing time while receiving 7x the impact. Learn to craft empathy-driven email copy using AI that turns your inbox into a revenue generator. Position yourself as an industry authority and master your email strategy without wasting time or money.

Cheryl Rerick, Email Strategist & Deliverability Expert

The Ultimate Email Editor: Turn Your Emails into Engaging Little Conversion Machines

Still prefer to write emails yourself? But wish you had a professional copywriter on staff to tighten them up so they connect, engage, and sell better? Good news -- you do! After this session, you'll walk away knowing how to train ChatGPT to be your Ultimate Email Editor.

Mandie Kramer, Educational Marketing Consultant

Impactful Marketing with Microlearning: Leverage Educational Marketing to Boost Enrollment

Explore the intersection of marketing, microlearning, and AI with Instructional Designer, Mandie Kramer. You’ll discover how educational strategies can be integrated in marketing your online course(s) to enhance audience engagement, build brand loyalty, and drive product knowledge. This session will offer insights into creating engaging content, how to use AI to keep the content flowing and stay consistent, and best practices for integrating educational components into marketing campaigns.

Hattie Dunstan, Digital Ad Strategist

The Top AI Ad Strategies for 2024 Every Biz Owner Should Know

Learn about the three most effective AI-driven ad strategies for 2024. This session will explore how AI can optimize ad targeting, placement, and content to maximize ROI. Special focus will be given to the second strategy, which uses advanced AI algorithms to identify high-converting audiences.

Stacey Hagen, Holistic Business & Marketing Coach

Present Like a Pro: How to Create Stunning Presentations Quickly with AI

Master the art of leveraging AI tools to created branded presentations in less time. Don't want to spend your time designing? Learn how to use AI tools to create professional branded presentation decks so you can spend less time on design and more time sharing valuable content.

Day 5: Streamlining Business Operations with AI

Brittni Schroeder, Automations & Funnels Expert

How to Automate, Eliminate and Delegate your Business to 6-Figures

In this workshop, you'll learn five tasks you can automate in your business to make more and work less. We'll go over the importance of creating processes and automating elements of your business and develop a strategy to effectively scale your business sustainably.

Adina Levy, Neurodivergent Business Coach

Using AI as a Thinking Partner and Business Guide: Simple ways to use AI to clarify your vision and guide your business decisions

Learn how to use AI to serve as a virtual coach, guiding your decision-making through reflective questions and tailored solutions. You'll learn how to analyse customer feedback, sales data, and marketing performance to help uncover trends, refine strategies, and develop effective marketing plans. Make boring tasks, like dealing with emails, more engaging and efficient by gamifying the process with AI’s support.

Dricka Carter, Wealth Development Mogul

Using AI to Enhance Customer Support: Transforming Customer Interactions with Intelligent Solutions

Explore how AI can revolutionize customer support by providing instant responses, personalized interactions, and efficient problem resolution. This presentation will cover the benefits of AI-driven chatbots, voice assistants, and predictive analytics in improving customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Michelle Bell, CEO of Virtual Work Wife

Scheduling Swagger: Let AI Transform Your Calendar from Shabby to Chic

Gone are the days of juggling chaotic appointments, missing reminders, and the endless back and forth availability blues. With ChatGPT, your day becomes a runway where every meeting and appointment falls perfectly into place. Say goodbye to the stress of planning and hello to effortless sophistication. Let AI handle the nitty-gritty, while you sashay through life with confidence and style. Because, let’s face it, darling, your calendar should be as fabulous as you are!

Han Bracher, Photographer & Founder of the Kefi Club

Harnessing AI for Creative Business Success: How small business owners can apply AI in daily business operations to get back to what they do best -- creating.

This presentation explores the transformative power of AI in the realms of photography and small business management. Learn how AI can automate critical yet time-consuming tasks such as scheduling, pricing, and marketing, allowing creative professionals to focus on what they do best—creating. Attendees will learn practical applications of AI tools in daily business operations and will leave with actionable strategies to implement AI effectively to enhance productivity and profitability.

Ariana Rodriguez, CEO & Founder of AR & Company & ARCO

Empower Your Mind: Minimize Executive Dysfunction with AI

This presentation will explore how AI can support neurodiverse individuals, particularly those with ADHD, in overcoming executive dysfunction. We'll delve into practical AI tools and strategies designed to enhance focus, organization, and productivity. Attendees will learn how to leverage AI to manage tasks, schedule effectively, and streamline daily routines, transforming challenges into strengths. ARCO, an AI-powered project management tool tailored for neurodiverse individuals, will be demonstrated.

Leticia Americo, Notion Mentor

5 Ways to Use Notion AI and save over 15h a week as a Content Creator

Learn insider tips for using Notion AI to simplify course creation, create sales pages, lesson descriptions, engaging scripts with embedded links and images, and more... and eliminate your content creation stress! We'll also explore Notion AI as the ultimate teamwork tool for smooth collaboration, task assignment, and enhanced team productivity.

Shilpa Lewis, Authentic AI & Social Media Strategist for Solopreneurs

The Mindful AI Alchemist: Harnessing Spiritual Technology for Authentic Growth

Explore the convergence of AI and spiritual philosophies to unlock new realms of authentic self-actualization. In this immersive session you'll discover how to achieve authentic success aligned with your soul, gain insights that will empower you to leverage AI's potential while maintaining your values and holistic business approach, and learn to translate authenticity into a soulful brand that connects deeply with your audience.

Arthur Zards, AI Engagement Specialist

Vibe with AI: The Business Owner's Path to Future Success

Learn to understand and address customer fears and anxieties surrounding AI, and leverage them to your advantage. Explore the impending era of AI-driven originality and strategies to thrive in this evolving landscape and shift perspectives on AI from being just a tool to viewing it as a true collaborative partner in business and innovation.

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Meet your host, Gemma Bonham-Carter.

Meet Gemma, the Canadian blogger-turned-business strategist who has been in digital marketing for over a decade. Since pivoting into teaching about online courses and email marketing in 2019, Gemma has been the secret sauce behind thousands of entrepreneurs as they grow their businesses and brands. Over 13,000 students from hundreds of industries, press features in Entrepreneur and Inc, and creating a highly successful business that she can take abroad with her (she's currently living in France with her family!) are some of her proudest achievements.

In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, Gemma is like that friend who always knows the next big thing before it hits the mainstream. Since December 2022, she's been experimenting with AI tools like ChatGPT and using them to make her business smarter, faster, more competitive, and easier than ever to run.

After debuting AI Unlocked in 2023 to rave reviews, Gemma has brought it back for a second year with an incredible speaker lineup. Their knack for making complex concepts simple is not to be missed. Get ready to be blown away!

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