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We have bundled together some of our most popular resources into one INCREDIBLE deal. If you missed any of our live November 2022 workshops, they are all included here... with extra goods to take your business to the next level in 2023. The bundle deal expires Sunday, Nov 27 at 11:59pm EST. This won't ever be available again at this price point!

Gemma Bonham-Carter & Mallory Rowan
Founders, Growth Week Live


The 15 Second Strategy: Using Instagram Stories as the Secret to More Sales

Learn how to take a Stories-first approach to Instagram (no more posting reels 5X a week!), stand out on Stories, grow your followers, and turn viewers into buyers.

  • Lifetime access to the 90-Minute Workshop on the underrated strategy of how to optimize IG Stories for consistent Instagram growth & conversions
  • The IG Story Cheatsheet: A breakdown of the different types of the Stories That Convert.
  • The "Anytime Content" Database: How to create your own library to pull content easily on the fly. There is one specific tip in here that will save you hours a week!
  • Story Schedule Builder: A plug-and-play template to build a content calendar that feels EASY (and works!). 
  • Instagram Story Canva Templates: This game-changing template set is going to save you a ton of time and make you look majorly profesh in your Stories (50+ slides included!).
  • The "set it + forget it" Instagram Banner Hack: Learn how to leverage your pinned posts for easy visual promo on your profile and get a few templates to make it easy-peasy!
  • *NEW EXTRA RESOURCE* Instagram Stories Launch Template: Don't know what to talk about day-after-day during a live launch? This template gives you the nitty gritty detail on what to say each day during a live promotion.


Email Architect: Start Writing Million Dollar Emails and Make Sales Around the Clock

The complete, transparent breakdown of how to 10X your revenue with email marketing.

In this workshop, we share how to level up your email marketing - from how to write great conversion-driven emails, formatting and structure must-do's, the email repurposing strategy so you can amplify your efforts, and our best tips on how to grow your list with hot leads.

  • Lifetime access to the 90-Minute Workshop sharing our complete email marketing strategy, which has made us over $2M in sales.
  • Lead Magnet Canva Template: Build a beautiful and high-converting PDF lead magnet in Canva … in less than 60 minutes!
  • 6-Part Email Welcome Sequence Template: Take the guesswork out of what to write and wow your new subscribers using this plug-and-play 6-part email sequence.
  • Hot Subject Lines: Get Gemma and Mallory's 20 highest open rate emails of 2022... and never write a boring subject line again!
  • Email Examples Swipe Library: Check out Gemma and Mallory’s BEST emails for major inspiration next time you are left wondering what to write about (over 20 emails included!)


The Affiliate Playbook: How to Boost Your Bottom Line with Affiliate Revenue

With the right affiliate partnerships, you can make up to $700 per conversion as long as you find your product-audience fit! And you'll be going "Oh dang!" when we tell you all the ways we integrate affiliate marketing into our businesses in ways you've never seen before.

  • Lifetime access to the 90-Minute Workshop where we share exactly how to add this new revenue stream to your business
  • The 10 Best Places to Use Affiliate Links Cheatsheet: The "off the record" spots where Gemma and Mallory get the highest conversions for their affiliate promo... that you should copy!
  • Affiliate Management Spreadsheet: The Best System for Tracking Your Affiliate Links and making easy-to-remember links
  • Affiliate Database List: Find out Which Affiliate Programs Gemma and Mallory Personally Use (and how to get into them!)

BONUS: Resources

Extra programs + resources to grow your business faster.


Instagram 101: Fast Path to an IG Profile that Grows Your Followers & Supercharges Sales

  • Social Content Calendar: Your simple-to-follow system and technical guide to plan a month of content in less than 4 hours.
  • Create Killer Highlights: Take your highlights from painful to playful with this step-by-step how-to for better Instagram highlights that actually land you clients. Dive into this 60-minute workshop and revamp yours!
  • Content Kickstart Caption Prompts: Content Kickstart includes 25+ industry-specific content prompts for killer captions in any industry. 
  • Upgrade Your IG Bio: Use this guide + checklist to build instant connections with the right followers. Land in more searches and create a profile where people are reaching out to you directly.
Peek the Instagram 101  Sales Page >>


52Prompts: Never Write a Boring Newsletter Again

Get a complete YEAR of engaging topics for your email newsletters that will turn subscribers into buyers (plus a system to re-purpose those emails into social media content!). 

  • 1 Year of Weekly Email Topics + the "Swap List" - An entire year of weekly topic prompts for creating email content that will engage your audience, add value and tell a story. No boring prompts – these have been designed to pull out INTERESTING content from you. 
  • 12-Month Content Calendar: Your weekly content laid out visually on a 12-month calendar. 
  • 183 Subject Lines That Inspire: Your emails might be amazing, but what if they don’t get opened? Use this list of 183 incredible subject lines as inspiration.
  • 7 Must-Know Copywriting Secrets: Any good copywriter knows that there are a few key secrets that turn a boring email into something truly engaging. Watch this lesson for the 7 tips you need to create juicy emails every time.


The Launch Playbook: Gemma's Personal Launch Planning Spreadsheet

The exact spreadsheet that has led to multiple 5- and 6-figure launches! It's 8 tabs deep, packed with content like:

  • Your 6 Week Marketing Calendar: Learn exactly what to do each day during your launch from pre-launch and education to live webinar, open cart, and close cart. Your day-by-day agenda. 
  • Pre-Launch Content Guide: Learn the 5 "Big Ideas" you need to share during your launch runway to get people excited and ready to buy.
  • Your Launch To Do List: A complete list of tasks ready to tackle, check off, or delegate. 
  • Launch Calculator: Predict the revenue you'll make from your launch by adjusting the numbers in this Launch Calculator and learn exactly how many leads you'll need at what conversion rate to hit those goals. 


Workshop Launch Emails: Swipe Emails from our $20k+ November Workshops

Have you been watching from the sidelines as we launched our November 2022 Workshop Series?

Well, we're excited to report that we have already made over $20k in sales from our 3-part series (not including any revenue from this Black Friday bundle!). Not bad considering we decided to run this in October! :)

And lucky for you, we want to hand over the email sequence we used to make that happen so you can swipe it!

Get the complete email breakdown from the first announcement email we made all the way through to the reminder and replay emails.

You'll be SO GLAD to have this sequence next time you want to run a paid workshop!

BONUS: Canva Template Packs

Our go-to Canva Templates that will make it look like you hired a designer

Instagram Carousel Templates- Turn your emails into carousels in minutes

Fun fact: For both of us, our most saved and engaged posts on our Instagram feeds over the last several months have been carousels that were repurposed from our email content.

Gemma started with taking screenshots of her emails and putting them on a black background with a cover image...

... and then Mallory went next level with gorgeous graphics that take seconds to put together in Canva.

Get this 30+ graphics pack so that you can start doing the same thing. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how well these carousel posts do... and get a time-saving win by making your email content stretch further.

Pssst - this is a great task to hand off to a VA, if you have one in your business!

Workbook Templates - Perfect for your next workshop!

With the Workbook Templates, you'll be able to get your hands on the editable versions of the 3 workbooks we created for our November workshop series!

These are great to use for workshops, trainings, masterclasses, webinars, courses, or even as a lead magnet.

Simply swap our text and photos for your own!

Slide Deck Templates - Our personal decks from this workshop series!

Showing up with a HOT slide deck takes a ho-hum workshop to next level learning for your students.

Plus, showing off the sneak preview in your emails and on social creates major FOMO for your audience and will drive sign-ups and sales.

Want our personal slide decks from our November Workshop series?

These were three incredible decks that facilitated major learning for our students... and looked G-O-O-D.

(Thanks to Mallory for her very perfectionist tendencies when it comes to graphic design!)

We're handing them over to you to use as templates for your own business! Simply plug in your words and you're good to go.

Hello, hours of time saved.

Testimonial Templates for Instagram (... and everywhere else!)

We know you know that testimonials and social proof are one of the most incredible ways to create trust with your potential buyer.

You want to show off that your products or services work, that people love them, and that you know what you're talking about.

Grab these Instagram-ready testimonial templates, plug in those sweet comments you've received from customers, and share EVERYWHERE. There are over 30 different designs to choose from.

These are made for Instagram (1080x1350), but you can totally repurpose to your emails, sales pages, and even on your website.

Pinterest Pin Templates - Start driving long-term traffic with these!

Long term, organic traffic is the best.

And there isn't a platform quite like Pinterest to make this happen for your business.

It's free. It builds over time. And it's a machine that continually sends leads to your website.

Use our Pinterest templates to create compelling pinnable graphics for your content and start getting that flow of traffic from the platform to your site.

This Canva template pack includes 40+ different style options for a mix-and-match approach!

The hottest Black Friday deal of the year.

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