LIVE TRAINING, SEPT 13 @ 2:00PM EST | 11:00AM Pacific

Effective Evergreen 2022:

How to Build an Evergreen System to Sell Your Course 24/7

  • Understand the 2 Funnels You MUST Have to Convert Quick and Long Term Buyers —you’ve likely not thought of this two-part strategy to make consistent sales, but don’t worry. I’m spilling the beans on exactly what you need to get started!
  • Write Your Primary Evergreen Funnel, because it’s normal to try to overcomplicate it, ok? We’ll get you over that and make it clear what you absolutely need to get a good conversion rate.
  • Know How to Make Your Course Evergreen-Ready—after this lesson, you’ll have a plan of attack to make sure your students have a great welcome experience and engage in the community (while creating space and freedom for you)
  • Funnel Secrets: Let’s talk tips, tricks and numbers—I get super specific here about the little details you can’t “see” behind a funnel and the data to watch

Meet Gemma.

Hey! I'm Gemma Bonham-Carter. Also known as as the go-to-gal who turns entrepreneurs into highly successful course creators.

(... and named by Entrepreneur as one of the top 5 Business Women in 2021!)

After launching my first course about blogging in 2017, I turned it into the million dollar business I run today. The business that has given me the freedom to decide what my days look like, spend more time with my kids, travel the world, and live a life I f*cking love.

Now I help other entrepreneurs do the same thing. I'm an evergreen nerd and have tested and tried every funnel imaginable since 2017. What I've landed on is a method that works and has led to money coming into my business every single day since January 1, 2020. Yep, that's legit - I'll share screenshots!

Have a course and ready to go evergreen? Start with this incredible live training + I'll show you how.


If you sell a course between $200 - $1500, this is for you.

Get your hands on the exact strategy I have used to create a timeless evergreen system that has made consistent sales of my $1k flagship course since 2020 (or $569k USD in 2 years).